FirePlotter provides true real-time session monitoring of the sessions or connections passing through your firewall, and FirePlotter records all the session data for later playback and investigation if required.

FirePlotter is certified as "Cisco Compatible" and is recognized as an "Alliance Partner" product by FortiNet.

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FirePlotter helps IT Managers to:

  • Identify unfamiliar connections and find bandwidth hoggers.

  • Explore Quality of Service (qos) issues.

  • Track down hacker attacks, virus attacks or malware infected PCs.

  • Monitor undesirable website usage.

  • Check that email, web browsing, terminal sessions, file transfers, VPNs are working.

  • Spot inappropriate internet usage by employees.

  • Know when bandwidth or session count thresholds are being exceeded.


FirePlotter functionality includes:

Helpful tabular listings and summary of real-time traffic, including Basic and Advanced View Modes with sortable column headings including: Direction: Inbound/Outbound, Source IP Address, Source Port, Destination IP Address, Destination Port/Service (e.g. HTTP, SMTP, FTP...), IP Protocol (e.g. TCP, UDP, ICMP, PPTP/GRE), Number of Sessions, In Bytes/s, Out Bytes/s, Cumulative In Bytes, Cumulative Out Bytes.

Session data is all recorded in .fpr format for later playback.

Destination Port/Service colours and descriptions fully customisable.

Clear meaningful graphical representation of service sessions by bandwidth usage.

Graphical and tabular auto-trace of highest bandwidth sessions.

Double-click drill down to analyse in more traffic detail.

Auto DNS & Name resolution of IP addresses.


FirePlotter benefits:

  • Installed and operational in less than a minute.

  • FirePlotter uniquely retrieves it's session data from your firewall using encrypted SSH (SecureShell) or open text Telnet protocol.

  • Supports all Cisco ASA Firewalls (v6.x, v7.23 and above (more >>) and 8.x) and FortiNet FortiGate Firewalls (v2.8, v3.x, V4.x, V5.x V6.0).

  • FirePlotter is a powerful real-time tool that can be used to augment Netflow analysis products.

  • Session Filters and Download Filters can be used to focus on specific traffic data.

  • FirePlotter can be configured to auto-connect to your firewall when you start the FirePlotter.

FirePlotter can be run in Free Mode or (paid for) Licensed mode - more information here: Free vs. Licensed Mode - Comparison Chart

Blob To get your copy of FirePlotter and 14-day evaluation license click: Download

To see latest developments in FirePlotter see Product News or for information on our planned new features for FirePlotter see RoadMap


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What FirePlotter users have said...

"I was able to resolve bandwidth issues within minutes after installing Fire Plotter." 

"I found the real-time operation of your product more useful than log analysis."

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