The FirePlotter Online Help (all you need to know and more) is here: Online Help - this is the best way to get support. We are confident most people will find the answer they require there. Search carefully.

The FirePlotter Known Bugs page is worth checking if you are experiencing any difficulties: see:
Known Bugs

If you have a support question that has not been answered by the Online Help then please send us a FirePlotter Support Request or send the information detailed below to support@ with subject field starting "FirePlotter SUPPORT:".

Also, if you think you may have found a bug in FirePlotter, then we will be pleased to provide a free license to anyone who helps us to find and fix bugs. Again then please send us a FirePlotter Support Request with all the possible bug details.

You will need to provide the following information*:

1) A full description of the problem with screenshots and your fireplotterdebug.txt file.

2) The PC Operating System (Windows 10/8.1/8/7, 2003/2008/2012 Server) and Service Pack you are running?

3) Make, Model and Firmware/OS Version of firewall?

4) The version of FirePlotter you are running? (in Help, About)

5) Are you using SSH or Telnet?

6) Are you able to succesfully login to your firewall with a SSH or telnet client (and if a Cisco firewall, can you login to enable prompt)?

7) When you test FirePlotter on a different PC, do you experience the same problem?

8) Is FirePlotter local to the firewall or being used over a remote link/VPN?

9) Detailed logging data for the problem. Please edit your FirePlotter.ini file (File, Open Fireplotter.ini), and in the [Connection] section remove the ";" at the start of the line ";LogLevel=255" - so it looks like:


Then save the file. Then restart FirePlotter and re-create the problem, press Pause between a refresh cycle and then please attach to your email to us a (zipped) copy of the FirePlotterdebug.txt file.*

Please note LogLevel=255 significantly reduces FirePlotter performance, so we recommend the line is removed once the technical issue is resolved.

10) What is a typical number of sessions that pass through the firewall?

*Any confidential information (e.g. IP addresses or passwords) use Search & Replace to change to X.

Licensed users get priority support, as do evaluation users.

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If you have a General Enquiry or Feedback that you would like to send us, then please use our General Enquiry & Feedback Form form.

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