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Everyone needs feedback. So, we send out evaluation feedback requests to all our 14-day evaluators. Here is what some of them have said in answer to the following questions:

Did FirePlotter help you become more aware of how your firewall was being used?

"FirePlotter is the best! The client has a new Fortigate 100D with FortiOS 5.0. Their traffic reports are pretty but almost useless for many routine types of investigation where filtering and drilldown is beneficial. Fortinet should just give up and pay you a royalty to include FirePlotter with the box."

"Fireplotter shows us exactly what we wanted to see, which is who/what service is taking up our bandwidth at peak times."

"Overall your product isn't overly complicated and doesn't have a million ways to configure - which is what I like the most. Your interface is simple and thus easy to figure out how to drill down and determine the root causes/issues. In the last two years I became a software developer (used to specialize in networking), and so I did some packet sniffing to see exactly what your program goes....and let's just say, I hope you guys stay around for years because there's no way I can write something like your program does! Excellent product all around."

"Only had it installed for a couple of hours and found 2 machines that were using 75 percent of our bandwidth, did a adware/malware scan and found 32 items on one machine alone. I will be purchasing a full license this week."

"Very rarely have I encountered a software product/utility that provides as much information as FirePlotter that was so easy to begin using.   Good Job!!!"

"Yes, indeed. We have a web filter that drills down into HTTP/HTTPs traffic, but for all other protocols, Fireplotter is invaluable."

"Yes, this is a great program, and could potentially save us hundreds of dollars".

"FirePlotter has helped me tremendously. So simple to get it going but yet so much information. This tool is genius, really appreciate it guys."

"Yes, nice product. It gave me the information I needed without any configuration changes or setting up a sniffer." 

"Yes. Thanks. I’ve managed to track down the rogue system and shut it down."

"Yes. It was a huge help."

"Yes. FirePlotter is a good piece of software that helped me a lot to get the real-time data I was missing from my firewalls."

"Yes, FirePlotter provided an excellent view of what was going on with our Cisco PIX firewall."

"Yes - While I had an idea, it allowed me to easily home in on individual users hogging the bandwidth."

"Great Software. Big help in understanding where the traffic is coming from and going to."

"Yes it did, very nice program."

"There are some other programs out there that have more options and customization. But they are too cumbersome for their own good. FirePlotter is simple and fast"

Did FirePlotter help you understand how your bandwidth was being used?

In just a couple days of using Fireplotter for monitoring, I was able to pinpoint 3 separate bandwidth hogging applications, as well as catch the user that's been streaming internet radio and eating up my T1 lines. I haven't been able to catch these items for months, even using my internet filter's data and the firewall's data."Yes. I was able to resolve bandwidth issues within minutes after installing Fire Plotter."

"What FirePlotter did was allow us to see a real time view of which users were using large portions of our bandwidth."

"Yes. I was able to find, in detail, the traffic going through our firewall, the source and destinations, and the number of sessions in use."

"I liked the ability to customize colours for certain ports, I was easily able to isolate Citrix traffic on multiple ports, VOip traffic on multiple ports."

"It is easier to see!"

"It does this faster than I have been able to before!"

"Fireplotter is great. It is pretty much exactly what we needed to troubleshoot some bandwidth issues we have been fighting. It’s a really good addition to the firewall we own. My co-workers have seen it and like it too. I think we can benefit from Fireplotter for real time traffic analysis."

Can you see a benefit in continuing to use FirePlotter?

"Yes, I found the real-time operation of your product more useful than log analysis."




Would you have bought FirePlotter if it has slightly different functionality?

"I just bought it."

Do you consider that FirePlotter is good value for money?

"It was well worth the money."

Would you recommend FirePlotter to other people?

"Yes, we are an ISP and I will recommend your product to customers."

"Yes, and I have recommend it to some consultants that I know."

"Already did."

"Yes - I will show this to some other colleagues, I know they mange 4 or 5 ASA devices so its likely to appeal to them."

Did you manage to get FirePlotter connected to your firewall?

"Yes, the install and setup was easy, the program is very intuitive."

"Yes - Absolutely no problem, have even updated the ini file for direct connection."

Will you be showing FirePlotter to your Colleagues?

"No reason too - I'm a one man department, I don't think any of the 500+ people I support know or could care what a firewall is."

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What FirePlotter users have said...

"I was able to resolve bandwidth issues within minutes after installing Fire Plotter." 

"I found the real-time operation of your product more useful than log analysis."

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