Free Mode vs. Licensed Mode

FirePlotter can be run in Free Mode or (paid for) Licensed mode.

If you are interested in the differences between the free, restricted version of FirePlotter, versus what features are active if you have a licensed copy (or a 14-day evaluation license) then see the table below.

FirePlotter Features
Free Mode
(Watch only)
Licensed Mode
(or with 14-day Evaluation License)
Connection to Firewall using SSH or Telnet
Basic View Mode (Ping, FTP, SMTP,DNS, HTTP, POP3, HTTPS, RDP monitored only)
Advanced View Mode (All services/destination ports monitored)
Zoom & Filter (Drill down to expand multiple IP addresses)
Summary Feature (Summarise by Direction, Service/Dest Port, Source IP, Dest IP, IP Protocol)
Sort Feature (Sort all columns - ascending or descending)
Record FPR (All session data recorded to .fpr files)
Playback FPR (File open and playback of historical .fpr data)
Click on Graph (to review historical session data)
Right Mouse Click (RMC)
RMC - Reset to Default Table View
RMC - Switch Basic/Advanced View Modes
RMC - HTTPS to monitored Firewall
RMC - Ping selected IP address
RMC - Tracert to selected IP address
RMC - HTTP to selected IP address
RMC - Copy selected IP address to Clipboard
RMC - IP Information of selected IP address (via
FirePlotter.ini (FPI)
FPI - Set firewall type
FPI - Set IP address of firewall to monitor
FPI - Set protocol (SSH or Telnet)
FPI - Set port number (standard or non-standard)
FPI - Set login credentials
FPI - Set name resolution options (Reverse DNS, netBIOS, Cisco Firewall Configuration)
FPI - Set auto-login (On or Off)
FPI - Set view mode (Basic or Advanced)
FPI - Set path to record .fpr files
FPI - Set which port is Internet facing (FortiNet)
FPI - Set/Edit names of services (e.g. HTTP, FTP, RDP etc)
FPI - Set/Edit colours of services

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