FirePlotter license for Enterprise Firewall (Class 2) - 1 Year (1st Year or Annual Renewal)

With this FirePlotter license a single user can connect FirePlotter to any
Class 1 firewall, or any Cisco ASA 5510-5525 (or PIX 510-520) and
FortiGate 100D-400D & VM models.
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Sales price: $256.00
Firewall Manufacturer Tooltip

When you purchase a FirePlotter license for 1 Year it means you are able to use the full features of FirePlotter for one year with any of these Class 1, 2 & 3 firewalls: ASA-5505, ASA-5505-K8, ASA5506, ASA5506-X, ASA5506H, ASA5506H-X, ASA5506W, ASA5506W-X, PIX-501, PIX-506, PIX-506E, ASA5508, ASA5508-X, FG-20C/FortiGate-20C, FW-20C/FortiWifi-20C, FG-30B/FortiGate-30B,FW-30B/FortiWifi-30B, FG-30D/FortiGate-30D, FW-30D/FortiGate-30D, FG-30D-POE/Fortigate-30D-POE, FW-30D-POE/FortiWiFi-30D-POE, FG-30E/Fortigate-30E, FW-30E/FortiWiFi-30E, FG-30E-MI / FortiGate-30E-MI, FW-30E-MI / FortiWifi-30E-MI, FG-30E-MN / FortiGate-30E-MN, FW-30E-MN / FortiWifi-30E-MN, FG-40C/FortiGate-40C, W-40C/FortiWifi-40C, FG-50A/FortiGate-50A, FG-50B/FortiGate-50B, FG-51B/FortiGate-51B, FG-51B-LENC/FortiGate-51B-LENC, FW-50B/FortiWiFi-50B, FG-50E/Fortigate-50E, FW-50E/FortiWiFi-50E, FG-51E/Fortigate-51E, FW-51E/FortiWiFi-51E, FG-52E/FortiGate-52E, FW-50E-2R / FortiWifi-50E-2R, FG-60/FortiGate-60, FG-60B/FortiGate-60B, FG-60C/FortiGate-60C, FG-60C-POE/FortiGate-60C-POE, FG-60D/FortiGate-60D, FW-60/FortiWifi-60, FW-60A/FortiWiFi-60A, FW-60AM/FortiWiFi-60A, FW-60B/FortiWiFi-60B, FW-60C/FortiWiFi-60C, FG-60C-POE/FortiGate-60C-POE,  FW-60D/FortiWiFi-60D, FG-60D-POE/FortiGate-60D-POE,  FW-60D-POE/FortiWiFi-60D-POE, FG-60E/FortiGate-60E, FG-60E-POE / FortiGate-60E-POE, FG-61E/FortiGate-61E, FWF-60E/FortiWifi-60E, FWF-61E/FortiWifi-61E, FG-70D/FortiGate-70D, FG-70D-POE/FortiGate-70D-POE, FG-70-LENC/FortiGate-70D-LENC, FG-80C/FortiGate-80C, FG-80CM/FortiGate-80CM, FW-80CM/FortiWifi-80CM, FG-80D/FortiGate-80D, FG-80E / FortiGate-80E, FG-80E-POE / FortiGate-80E-POE, FG-81E / FortiGate-81E, FG-81E-POE / FortiGate-81E-POE, FG-81CM/FortiGate-81CM, FW-81CM/FortiWifi-81CM, FG-82C/FortiGate-82C, FG-90D/FortiGate-90D, FW-90D/FortiWifi-90D, FG-90D-POE/FortiGate-90D-POE, FW-90D-POE/FortiWifi-90D-POE, FG-90E/FortiGate-90E, FG-91E/FortiGate-91E, FG-98D-POE/FortiGate-98D-POE,  FG-92D/FortiGate-92D, FW-92D/FortiWifi-92D, FG-94D/FortiGate-94D, FG-94D-POE/FortiGate-94D-POE, FG-100/FortiGate-100,FG-100A/FortiGate-100A, PIX-510, PIX-515, PIX-515E, PIX-520, PIX-525, PIX-535ASA-5510, ASA-5510-K8, ASA-5512-X, ASA-5515-X, ASA5516, ASA5516-X, ASA-5520, ASA-5525, ASA-5525-K7,ASA-5520-K8, ASA-5525-X, ASAv, FG-100D/FortiGate-100D, FG-100E/FortiGate-100E, FG-100EF/FortiGate-100EF,  FG-101E/FortiGate-101E, FG-110C/FortiGate-110C, FG-111C/FortiGate-111C, FG-140D/FortiGate-140D, FG-140E / FortiGate-140E, FG-140E-POE / FortiGate-140E-POE, FG-200/FortiGate-200, FG-200A/FortiGate-200A, FG-200A-HD/FortiGate-200A-HD, FG-200B/FortGate-200B, FG-200B-POE/FortiGate-200B-POE, FG-200D/FortiGate-200D, FG-200D-POE/FortiGate-200D-POE, FG-200E/FortiGate-200E, FG-201E/FortiGate-201E, FG-224B/FortiGate-224B, FG-240D/FortiGate-240D, FG-240D-POE/FortiGate-240D-POE, FG-280D/FortiGate-280D, FG-280D-POE/FortiGate-280D-POE, FG-300/FortiGate-300, FG-300A/FortiGate-300A, FG-300C/FortiGate-300C, FG-300D/FortiGate-300D, FG-300E / FortiGate-300E, FG-301E / FortiGate-301E, FG-300A-HD/FortiGate-300A-HD, FG-310B/FortiGate-310B, FG-310B-DC/FortiGate-310B-DC, FG-311B/FortiGate-311B, FG-400/FortiGate-400, FG-400A/FortiGate-400A FG-400A-HD/FortiGate-400A-HD, FortiGate-400D, FG-VM32/FortiGate-VM32, FG-VM32-HV/FortiGate-VM32-HV, FG-VM64/FortiGate-VM64, FG-VM64-HV/FortiGate-VM64-HV.

blob Note, in some cases, Credit Card Issuers/Payment Providers (e.g. Paypal) may make an additional charge (up to 3%) to convert your payment for your FirePlotter license to a foreign currency.

When your FirePlotter license expires, FirePlotter then reverts from Licensed mode to Free “Watch Only” mode.

Free "Watch Only" mode means you can only monitor a few standard protocols (Ping, FTP, SMTP, DNS, HTTP, POP3, HTTPS, RDP), so the Advanced View (showing all protocols) is disabled, the powerful Summary, Sort, Filter and Zoom capabilities are disabled, and the ability to use fireplotter.ini parameters is also removed. If you want to see the difference, between Free "Watch Only" mode and Licensed mode, see the Free Mode vs. Licensed Mode Comparison Chart.

Software upgrades, as they become available, are free to all Users running Free "Watch Only" mode or Licensed mode.
To see the FirePlotter End User License Agreement (EULA) - please click here

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